We are a team of trained experts dedicated to providing quality customer service and automotive car care. Originally founded in the town of Torrington CT by owner Austen Weir, who single handedly ran the shop on his own until our team was formed.

Here at A.W. Automotive, we know that vehicle malfunctions can be very stressful. Our goal is to keep the automotive repair process simple and comfortable. We aren’t like corporate shops and we aren’t trying to be. Some bigger shops are more focused on quantity not quality, always having a quota to be met by the end of the week. That’s where we are different. We value our customers and will take all the time we need to make sure their vehicles are properly maintained. We aren’t afraid of competitors because we understand the value of what we provide as a team.

We look forward to meeting new customers and we hope to continue serving them with some genuinely honest and good car care! There is no doubt once you leave here, you will become a lifelong customer of ours.